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Re: [petition@eurolinux.org: Let the EC know what you think aboutsoftware patents]

> > Und gelegentlich kann ich durchaus nachvollziehen, wenn man an manche
> > Leute unaufgefordert etwas schickt -- so lange es ihm Rahmen ist und man
> > nicht ausflippt wenn sich jemand beschwert ...
> Gegen Zeug, wo ein personalisierter Bezug da ist, habe ich auch gar
> nichts.
> Gegen "guck mal, wir haben eine tolle Aktion"-Mails als Folge der Tatsache, 
> dass man da mal eine Petition unterschrieben hat (und ich kann mich nicht an
> einen "ich will UBE haben"-Knopf erinnern) wehre ich mich.
> Wehret den Anfaengen, es gibt keinen "guten SPAM".

Den letzten Satz wuerde ich so nicht stehen lassen wollen.  Abgesehen
davon gibt es aber eben jenen Knopf auf der Eurolinux-Petition:

On Tue, Nov 14, 2000 at 08:23:46PM +0100, Benoit Panizzon wrote:
> Dear Administrators
> Yes, I'm a Linux Geek and Member of the LUGS.
> Yes, I signed this petition allready some time ago.
> But:
> I newer asked for this Information and newer gave this email address to
> anybody telling them to send me such Information.
> Conclusion: this is SPAM.
> And I get loads of SPAM during the last weeky, so please remove the
> accounts of that User.
> Benoit Panizzon / Woody
> ScoutNet Schweiz http://www.scout.ch

This e-mail was not a spam, of course. I'm really sorry that you think it is
one and that you write to people not directly involved in this question.

According to our database, you did sign the EuroLinux petition for a
software-patent-free Europe

But please consider that if you did sign the petition, you were warned at
this moment (http://petition.eurolinux.org/index_html) that "your email
[was needed] so that we can send you a confirmation request and notify you
of forthcoming actions" and that "This web site has been declared at the
CNIL, the French national organisation in charge of protecting privacy and
individual liberties, and to control the use of personal data in databases.
This web site intends to fully implement European privacy Law which is
currently one of the strongest in the world.  Only the first name, last
name, position, company and country will be published on this site. Emails
will only be provided to the European Parliament as a kind of proof of
signature Any user who submits information to this petition is entitled to
access it, modify it or to remove it. Requests should be sent to
privacy@eurolinux.org. It is our policy not to provide or sell the data you
submit to a third party. Your email may be used to confirm your signature
or to send to you information about future actions strictly related to this
petition. In case we do not receive any different notification from you,
your personal data will be erased from this site one year after your last

This email alert was a one of a kind message to every people who did
sign the petition, and we don't plan to send another one, except in the
case of a dramatic change in the situation.

Why did we send this email ? Because the European Commission has basically
ignored the 50000 signatures on our petition, and decided to start its own
consultation. They forced us to play by their rules, not the other way
around. If lots of people don't reply to their consultation then they would
say that nobody objects software patents.

Best regards,

	S. Fermigier, for the EuroLinux Alliance.

PS: with friends like you (you claim to be "a Linux Geek and Member of the
LUGS") I don't need enemies.

Stéfane Fermigier, Tel: 06 63 04 12 77 (mobile).
<www.portalux.com>: le portail Linux / logiciel libre.
"Amazon: we patent the dot in .com"