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[FYI] Yahoo Ordered to Bar French From Nazi Web Sites


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Yahoo Ordered to Bar French From Nazi Web Sites  

Updated 11:01 AM ET November 20, 2000   

By Crispian Balmer   

PARIS (Reuters) - In a landmark ruling with potential implications 
for Web users around the world, a French court on Monday ordered U.S. 
Internet giant Yahoo (YHOO) to bar French users from sites selling 
Nazi memorabilia.   

Judge Jean-Jacques Gomez confirmed a ruling that he first issued on 
May 22 ordering Yahoo to prevent people in France from accessing 
English-language sites that auction Nazi books, daggers, SS badges 
and uniforms.   

He had stayed the decision pending testimony from three computer 
experts on whether the ruling was technically viable.   

Gomez ordered Yahoo to conform with the findings of the panel, 
submitted on November 6, that a filter system registering keywords 
could block access to the offending sites for 90 percent of French 
Web surfers.   

He gave the California-based company 90 days to enact the measures 
and said it would be fined 100,000 francs ($13,000) for each day it 
exceeded the deadline.   


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