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[FYI] WIPO domain dispute coup continues


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WIPO domain dispute coup continues 

By: Kieren McCarthy 

Posted: 06/12/2000 at 17:14 GMT  

WIPO has continued its march toward control of the domain dispute 
market, taking 68.5 per cent of all cases in November - up from 66 
per cent in October, 63 per cent in September and just 48 per cent 
back in January.  

How it is doing this is no secret - it consistently favours big 
business and celebrities over anyone else (complainant wins 67.5 per 
cent of cases; 15.8 per cent are settled or terminated) and reaps the 
benefit of publicity.  


The basic conclusion of the report is that the wording of UDRP is 
solid but the system that has built up around it needs updating. The 
main problem is the complainant's ability to choose which arbitrator 
the case goes to, so it is obviously in its interests to go for one 
that rules in favour of the complainant. The Convergence Center 
looked at the options and decided a system where the registrars 
choose where the case goes is the best system.  


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