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[FYI] SWPAT ./. Ogg Vorbis?


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Open-source MP3 project continues after parent's demise  

By John Borland  

Staff Writer, CNET News.com  

December 11, 2000, 12:55 p.m. PT  

Open-source software developers hoping to create a free replacement 
for the MP3 technology are pushing ahead with their project after the 
collapse of their parent, Webcasting start-up iCast.  

For the last few months of its existence, CMGI's iCast was the 
official home of the colorfully named Ogg Vorbis project, an attempt 
to create a digital music compression format that would sound as good 
as or better than the MP3 format but lack prohibitive license fees.  


Even if Vorbis takes off, however, its future as an MP3 alternative 
is not guaranteed. If the format gains enough popularity, it will 
almost certainly face a patent infringement challenge from the  
owners of the MP3 standard, analysts said.  


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