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[FYI] (Fwd) CoE Report on data protection launched

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Subject:        	CoE Report on data protection launched
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Today the CoE has launched its report on surveillance and data
protection. Comments should be transmitted before Januray 21st.

We should commonly work on that.
Press release :

Surveillance and Data Protection report launched

STRASBOURG, 13.12.2000 - The Council of Europe is asking for comments
on a newly launched expert report on surveillance and data protection.

The report - along with a set of guiding principles - looks at how
personal data can be protected in the light of technological
development in data surveillance techniques. It covers such areas as
cameras in public places, to curb crime, to control traffic and
surveillance in the workplace.

It also looks at the history of surveillance techniques, and the
challenge of new technologies. The impulse for the report came from an
increase in surveillance and in its level of sophistication which is
leading to debate at both international and national levels.

The guiding principles are designed to be taken into account when
specific legislative provisions are being drawn up on data protection
with relation to video surveillance. The principles could also be
adapted to other forms of surveillance.

The report and guiding principles are available on the Council of
Europe's website on data protection at the following address:


Comments on the text should be transmitted to the Council of Europe
before 21st January 2001.

Press Contact
Cathie Burton, Council of Europe Press Service
E-mail: PressUnit@coe.int
Full dossier :


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