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19" Rackmount Server/Dual 866MHz processors/FREE SHIPPING


Happy Holidays from Vision Computers Inc. As our way of saying THANKS, we are offering this special discount to YOU. The following configuration includes a 19" Rackmount Server Case, 2 Intel PIII 866MHz processors, Adaptec 29160 Ultra Wide SCSI160 Controller w/Cable, 2 IBM 18Gig U160 hard drives, and more. Take advantage of this special offer before Jan. 1, 2001 and receive FREE SHIPPING within the US on your order (a $65 value).


Dual PIII MMX-866MHz Rackmount Server W/ Hot Swap

*  Supermicro 370DLE Dual PIII ATX Motherboard w/Intel PC133 Chipset
*  (2) Intel PIII MMX-866ebMHz 256K Cache CPU
*  (2) PIII Cooling Fans w/Heat Sink
*  512MB PC133Mhz ECC Register SDRAM(2 X 256MB SDRAM Modules)
*  Vision 4U19 4U 19" Rack Mount ATX Case
*  300 Watt ATX Power Supply
*  Sony 1.44MB Floppy Drive
*  On-Board Intel EtherXpress PCI 10/100 Network Card
*  ATI Xpert 98 8MB PCI 3D Video
*  Adaptec 29160 Ultra Wide SCSI160 Cntrl w/Cable
*  (2)IBM 18Gig Ultra Wide SCSI160 10,000RPM Hard Drive
*  (2)Ultra Wide 68Pin SCSI160 Hot Swap Trays
*  52X IDE CD ROM Drive
*  NMB 104 PS/2 Keyboard
*  Logitech 2-Button PS/2 Mouse
*  2-Year Parts/Labor Warranty


Intel Dual PIII MMX-866ebMHz System Price...................................$ 2,949.00
ADD Microsoft WIN2000 5-Client Server Full OEM Ver.....................$ 795.00
ADD ADR OnStream 30Gig Digital Back-Up Drive w/Cartridge.........$ 271.00

This special discount wont last long. To purchase this server, email us at ordering@visionman.com and mention this ad before January 1, 2001 and receive FREE SHIPPING on your order. This deal can not be found anywhere else. You can also visit http://www.visionman.com to custom build your own system using our online create-a-quote.

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