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The truth about Going Offshore

 The truth about going Offshore

 A growing number of business and professional people are 
 considering offshore options. Most appear to be focused 
 on the fundamental issues of: privacy, asset protection, 
 profit, and tax shelter. More recently a number of inquiries 
 seem to be targeted directly and exclusively on tax issues.   

 The biggest and best names in American industry have gone 
 offshore. Companies like Boeing, Weyerhaeuser, Sears, 
 Firestone, Exxon, Caterpillar, Monsanto, and most of the 
 Fortune 1,000 companies. American Express, Citibank, 
 Chase Manhattan, Bank of America, Security Pacific Bank, 
 and literally hundreds of mainstream banks know that their 
 earnings depend upon tax-free offshore profits. 


 Take This Test Now and Find Out Before It's Too Late! 

 If you can answer YES to 2 or 3 of the following questions, 
 then this information is important to you, and if you can say 
 YES to 4 or 5 questions, the techniques you will learn from 
 us could be vital to your financial future.

     Ask Yourself The Following Questions:

 Do you have equity in your home? 
 Do you have liquid assets? 
 Are you a director or officer in a corporation? 
 Are you a general partner in any partnerships? 
 Do you have an annual income in excess of $30,000? 
 Are you single or divorced and contemplating marriage or remarriage? 
 Do you own a boat or plane? 
 Do you have teenage children? 
 Do you own or lease equipment or residential or commercial property? 
 Are you a contractor, manufacturer, physician, surgeon, architect, 
   CPA, professional, or  self-employed individual? 
 Have you been uninsured or underinsured for any period of time? 
 Are you expecting an inheritance? 
 A Proper Strategy Can Cut Your Taxes And Keep You From 
   Losing Your Family Nest Egg! 

 Now You Can Implement Simple Solutions to:

 Wealth Creation and Wealth Preservation 
 Offshore Banking Services and Strategies 
 Early Retirement 
 Protection of Your Privacy 
 Asset Protection 
 Estate Planning 
 Establishing and Structuring Trusts and/or IBC’s 
 Tax Reduction Strategies 
 Becoming Lien, Levy, and Judgment Proof 
 Career Opportunities

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