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[FYI] Replies to the Consultation Paper on the Patentability of Computer-Implemented Inventions


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Replies to the Consultation Paper on the Patentability of Computer-
Implemented Inventions  

On 19 October 2000, the European Commission launched consultations 
via the Internet on the patentability of computer-implemented 
inventions. Interested parties, the public at large and Member States 
were invited to comment by 15 December 2000 on the basis of a 
consultation paper. The aim of the consultation is to help the 
Commission to identify the best approach to the issue so as to strike 
the right balance between promoting innovation and ensuring adequate 
competition in the market place. At the top of that webpage, those 
commenting on the Commission's consultation paper were asked to 
indicate whether or not they agreed to their comments being published 
by the Commission, either "as is", or without their name, address 
etc. Answers from authors who have agreed to publication are being 
reproduced below.  

In the context of the Commission's consultation, a great number of 
comments were sent to consultation@eurolinux.org and published at 
http://petition.eurolinux.org/consultation. Copies of such comments 
have been received by DG Internal Market. This webpage was set up by 
the EuroLinux Alliance of software publishers and non-profit 
organisations. The EuroLinux Alliance indicates on that webpage that 
it has created a public forum and asks European consumers, European 
IT professionals and European companies to send public statements, 
reports and position papers on software patents to 
consultation@eurolinux.org. The EuroLinux Alliance further states 
that e-mails sent to that address are automatically being published 
on their above webpage and forwarded to DG Internal Market. In line 
with the notice at the top of the Commission's webpage mentioned in 
the first paragraph, comments sent to consultation@eurolinux.org and 
forwarded to the Commission are published below only where their 
authors have expressly agreed to such publication by the Commission.  

Furthermore, the United Kingdom Patent Office carried out a 
consultation on the question as to whether or not patents should be 
granted for computer software or ways of doing business. For further 
information, please visit the website of the UK Patent Office.  


Oksanen, Ville - 30.10.2000 (PDF file, 7 KB) 
Markham, Gervase - 29.10.2000 (PDF file, 7 KB) 
Chown, Peter - 28.10.2000 (PDF file, 6 KB) 
Roth, Magnus - 28.10.2000 (PDF file, 4 KB) 
Schaffert, Sebastian - 28.10.2000 (PDF file, 5 KB) 
Bruyninckx, Herman - 27.10.2000 (PDF file, 10 KB) 
Holemans, Dider - 27.10.2000 (PDF file, 8 KB) 
Isaac, Alan - 27.10.2000 (PDF file, 5 KB) 
Lakofski - 27.10.2000 (PDF file, 5 KB) 
McIninch, James - 27.10.2000 (PDF file, 7 KB) 
Roedding, Daniel - 27.10.2000 (PDF file, 6 KB) 
Selig, Christian - 27.10.2000 (PDF file, 9 KB) 
Agopoglu - 26.10.2000 (PDF file, 5KB) 
Causton, Raymond - 26.10.2000 (PDF file, 7 KB) 
Clerc, Maurice - 26.10.2000 (PDF file, 6 KB) 
Luguet, Grégory - 26.10.2000 (PDF file, 7 KB) 
Rodriguez, Mathias - 26.10.2000 (PDF file, 7 KB) 
Clerc, Pierre (PDF file, 9KB) 
Geer, Benjamin (PDF file, 8 KB)  

Date: December 2000 For more information: MARKT-SOFTPAT@cec.eu.int  

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