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[FYI] UK: Vorderman attacks Net industry for porn apathy


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Tuesday January 23, 02:57 PM

Vorderman attacks Net industry for porn apathy  

By Richard Barry  

In an unprecedented attack on the apathy of the government and the 
Internet industry, TV broadcaster Carol Vorderman lambasted both for 
failing to protect children from paedophiles operating online 

At a heated debate of the Internet Watch Foundation's (IWF) first 
parliamentary meeting in the House of Lords, Vorderman stunned the 
audience with her comments.  

Vorderman called on the Internet industry to act immediately to 
protect children online. "It is time for those who make their money 
from the Internet to take responsibility for the content and images 
it purveys and allows to be purveyed," she said. She also attacked 
the government's plan to give children at school their own email 
address. "This is utterly incomprehensible," she said. "It is an open 
invitation for paedophiles to track children at school."  


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