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We've researched your site...Our B2B Buyers and Relationships can HELP

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********We got the BUYERS! BUYERS! BUYERS! BUYERS!********
www.product2store.com has formed relationships with thousands of traditional retail BUYERS throughout North America.  Sellers can now publish their electronic catalogues on product2store, and we will do the rest! We will email,  fax, and call on the buyers that fit your product category. Just how many Buyers can we reach. . .take a look  at our numbers!
 o 500,000 retailers, distributors, and representatives!
 o 100,000,000 consumers!
 o $21,200,000 advertising budget!
 o Access to buyers at major retailers such as Kmart, Target,
  Home Depot, Shopko, and many more!
 o Access to catalogs such as Publishers Clearing House, Sears,
   J.C. Penney's, QVC, and many more!
      ACT NOW and RECEIVE    
            -$1505 OFF of the annual membership  
                -ONE OF 1000 LIFETIME MEMBERSHIPS  
                   Savings of over $3,000!!!
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********We got the SYSTEM! SYSTEM! SYSTEM! SYSTEM!********
product2store's system not only allows your company to create a customized interactive web site complete with  digital images, video demonstration, product information in five categories, translation into 15 languages (at  no cost!!), and company contact information with site link; we also provide the marketing expertise to drive  buyers directly to your site. product2store is offering a limited time COUPON for the next 1000 sign ups as our  New Years special**$1505 off of the annual fee, a lifetime membership, and unlimited number of products, all  for just $495!** Is there a better deal? A completely loaded web site hosted and maintained by product2store  and on top of that a complete marketing package---WOW! But that is not all!!! YOU also get complete access to  product2store's purchasing system cycle...

 o Electronic Buyer inquiry engine - notifies sellers about
  sales inquiries.
 o Private Negotiations chat room forum - allows private
   negotiations between buyers and sellers!
 o Contractual document agreement and in March product2store's
  digital document exchange - put your forms online!
 o Financial settlement engine - allowing for credit insurance,
  letters of credit, and much more!
 o Delivery coordination engine - allows sellers and buyers to
   coordinate any logistics need (packaging, design packaging,
  customs, etc...)!
 o Completion notification - validation engine informing
  sellers and buyers that the goods were delivered and
  approved by both parties!

********We got the TOUCH! TOUCH! TOUCH! TOUCH!********
product2store is not only a solution to your retail needs; product2store is simply a more efficient and  effective way of doing business! However to complete these tasks in a very traditional supply chain,  product2store sought the expertise of one of the most powerful and influential Business Board's ever  established. The former Chairman of Merrill Lynch and Secretary of Treasury under Ronald Reagan, The Honorable  Donald Regan; Harold Sprelich, Former President of Chrysler Corporation; Thomas Payne, Former President of the  powerhouse retailer J.L. Hudsons; and Clayton Yeutter, former President of the Chicago Mercantile  Exchange...many more! We combined our talent with the expertise of 9 strategic partners, over 800 service  providers, and 592 international offices that provide an array of discounted services and will actually help  you get the best rates and services anywhere in the world. How about that for customer service!
www.product2store.com is the only Internet system in the world with "hands-on" involvement throughout the entire  sales-to-delivery cycle, that makes any sale a PROFITABLE SALE!
P.S. All companies affiliated with Sino-Sourcing--Your 8324 memberships have already been activated!!! Come  Discover YOUR NEW POTENTIAL!!!!!!

For additional information please contact product2store.com's Sales Department via email at mailto:product2store@product2store.com and please type "More Information" in the subject line.
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