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$300.Guaranteed Weekly Salary on Your Computer

incomeAmerica.com, incorporated
16161 Ventura Blvd. #672
Encino, CA 91436 -  (818) 886-1912  -  Fax (818) 990-5078
E-mail: PhaseOne@incomeamerica.com


Dear  Associate,

Would you be interested in earning $300.00 every 10 hour work week,
on the computer?  Plus, you'll receive a long-term residual income after
your first 30 days.

We're presently hiring responsible and reliable marketing associates.
You pick the work hours and the pace which fits your life style.
Our main concern, is that our associates assume the responsibility
of e-mailing our ads while being unsupervised.

If you're looking for freedom, independence and long-term wealth,
take a moment and visit our web site: http://www.incomeamerica.com

Your $300.00 Weekly Salary is Guaranteed.  All that's required is a
willingness to complete a 10 to 15 hour work week e-mailing over the

I appreciate your time and hope you'll soon join us as one of our
marketing associates.

J. Haqq
Marketing Director