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I could go to JAIL for selling this!

Title: The BANNED CD!

I have been recieving emails saying that I'm contributing to
the "moral decay of society" by selling the Banned CD.  That
may be, but I feel strongly that you have a right to benefit from
this hard-to-find information.

So I am giving you ONE LAST CHANCE to order
the Banned CD!

With this powerful CD, you will be able to investigate your friends, enemies and lovers in just minutes using the Internet.  You can track down old flames from college, or you can dig up some dirt on your boss to make sure you get that next promotion!

Or maybe you want a fake diploma to hang on your bedroom
wall.  You'll find addresses for companies that make these
diplomas on the Banned CD.

Need to disappear fast and never look back?  No problem!
Using the Banned CD, you will learn how to build a completely
new identity.

Obviously, the Powers That Be don't want you to have the
Banned CD.  They have threatened me with lawsuits, fines,
and even imprisonment unless I stop selling it immediately.
But I feel that YOU have a Constitutional right to access
this type of information, and I can't be intimidated.

Uncle Sam and your creditors are horrified that I am still selling this product!  There must be a price on my head!

Why are they so upset? Because this CD gives you freedom.
And you can't buy freedom at your local Walmart.  You will
have the freedom to avoid creditors, judgments, lawsuits, IRS
tax collectors, criminal indictments, your greedy ex-wife or
ex-husband, and MUCH more!

Just look at some of the things you can do with this CD ...

If you have been putting off buying The Banned CD, what are you
waiting for?  Big Brother is already breathing down my neck, so
I can't keep selling it forever.  If you keep waiting to place
your order, you may never find The Banned CD again.  For only
$19.99, you will gain valuable peace-of-mind knowing how to
safeguard yourself, your family, and your money.  Who can put a
price on freedom?!

Here is another look at the contents of the BANNED CD:

Find confidential info on anyone in 30 minutes or
less on the Internet. You'll be able to track down your
old flame, find out how much money your ex is hiding
in their bank account, or run a background check on
proespective client or employee. Even government
agencies have trouble obtaining much of this information.
You will have all the resources of any professional
investigator right at your fingertips - on your home

List of companies who will issue you a college
degree (including a Phd.) for a fee. No study required!

Learn how to get FREE cable and DSS channels,
including the adult stations and Pay-Per-View!

How to Obtain Microsoft Products absolutely
FREE, the safe and LEGAL way!

List of suppliers of "questionable" items, such
as fcc banned communications devices, scanners,
night vision goggles, passports, fake identification,
and everything else that you won't find in the back
of Soldier of Fortune magazine!

Find products to resell on the Internet with our
Wholesale Directory containing over 1 million
(that's right, one million!) wholesale sources for
computers, electronics, beanies, trend items,
jewelry, cars, collectibles, and everything else!

Over 25 million email addresses, fresh and
targeted! You can use these to contact the people
and send them your advertisements.

Find out how to get a completely new identity.
Disappear without a trace!

Find out how to ERASE bad credit and even
create a whole new file in the credit bureau computers.

Learn how to beat the IRS. Tax tips for the
rest of us.

Complete guide on how to claim public land
offered by the Government. You can find your
dream home for a ridiculously low price or buy
properties to resell for a huge profit!

Accept checks from your customers by fax,
phone and email with the full working version of
Checker Software included!

Business software to help you run your small
business, including label maker software, money
management software, IRS forgiveness program,
database software, and much more.

A huge collection of screensavers, graphics,
clipart, and desktop themes to spice up your computer.

MUCH, MUCH MORE that we don't have room to list!

We are so confident that you will love this CD that we
offer a full 30-day, no questions asked money-back
guarantee. To order the "Banned CD" right now for the
super low price of only $19.99, just click on the link
below to pay with a Visa or Mastercard:

Order Now!

Or you may pay with cash, check or money order by printing the order
form below and sending it with your payment.

------------------------- CUT HERE -----------------------

Product: "The Banned CD"
Price: $19.99 + $4.01 shipping/handling

HOW TO ORDER BY MAIL: Print out this order form and send cash,
personal check, money order or cashier's check to the address listed below:

Quiksilver Enterprises Inc.
3792 Broadway #398
New York, NY 10032

Your Shipping Information:

Your Name_____________________________________________
Your Address__________________________________________
Your City_____________________________________________
State / Zip___________________________________________
Phone #: _____________________________________________
(For problems with your order only. No salesmen will call.)

Email Address________________________________________

Please note that mail-in orders may be delayed 2-4 weeks.

[ ] I am enclosing a check or money order for $24.00

[ ] I am mailing my credit card number. (Note your card will be charged for $24.00)

If paying by credit card, please fill in the information below:

Credit Card Number:________________________________
Expiration Date:___________________________

NOTE: This CD is for informational, educational, or
entertainment purposes only.  Some of the activities
described on this CD may be illegal if carried out.
This CD contains links and addresses of companies
and individuals which produce various products, or
offer various services, which may be illegal in your
country, state, or city.  However, it is perfectly
LEGAL to purchase and possess the Banned CD in the
United States of America.  Contains approximately
100 megs of information.

Shipping outside USA add $10.00

You are recieving an unsolicited commercial email from
Quiksilver Enterprises Inc.  We recognize that you may
not wish to recieve such emails in the future, and we
have provided a link to automatically and instantly
remove yourself: REMOVE
This message is being sent to you in compliance with
federal guidelines governing the transmission of
unsolicited commercial email, including the provision of
contact information for our company within this email, a
valid return email address, and a way for customers
to remove themselves.  Please note, however, that our
email address was valid at the time of sending, but may
be cancelled by the ISP shortly thereafter due to our
use of unsolicited email.  You can read about the various
laws governing unsolicited email: http://spamlaws.com
"Unsolicited commercial electronic mail can be an important
mechanism through which businesses advertise and attract
customers in the online environment."  -- U.S. Congress,
H.R. 106th CONGRESS 2d Session H. R. 3113 Sec. 2 (a)3 July
19, 2000 http://www.spamlaws.com/federal/hr3113.html