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Construction Market News

 Construction Market News:

 ** New Customized Residential Steel Construction Kits set to Revolutionize 
     Multi-Family and Single Family Building Projects around the World. ** 

 Finished Construction Costs start at $45 Per Square Foot. With Completion 
 Times from Foundation to Occupancy in as little as 45 days.

 Leading Technology used in Commercial/ Industrial Applications Worldwide 
 now available for Residential Construction Projects.

 Northern Steel International - World's Leading On-Line Supplier of 
 Pre-Engineered Building Systems announces it's New Residential Product 
 Line.This new Product Line has been designed for Residential Developers to 
 Reduce Costs and Production Times by as much as 50% across the board. This 
 New System is Called SteelCret.

 SteelCret homes are fabricated with a Concrete/Polymer Exterior wall  
 system and a Pre-Engineered Structural Frame and Roof Steel System.
 Interior walls/ doors and windows are also available and shipped Custom 
 Pre-Fabricated to your specifications.


 Clients Include:
 American Airlines, Aamco Transmissions, FedEx, Costco, many others.**

 Exclusive Territories and Distributorships are being Licensed Now.
 Fax over your Project Specifications so that we may Quote Your Floor Plan.

  -*-*- Complete and Fax to:  U.S.  1-786-549-5799   -*-*-

  Name _________________________________

  Day Time Phone _________________________________

  City, State, Country _________________________________

  Building Size_______________

  Building Use_______________

  Construct Date______________

  Notes:   _________________________________