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We pay up to $1,20 US per collected Email !!!

Dear Webmaster,

SellYourMails.com invites you to join our NEW Email-Sponsor-Program.

Everybody knows the email-collectors on free sites, on TGPs, on CJs, on
But did you ever realize that they present the same type on content to all
your surfers ?
And do you think that everybody likes the same sort of pictures and videos ?

This is the point where SellYourMails jumps into the game.

You can offer 3 Types of Content with us instead of one
to get more emails from your surfers, to make more cash.

Straight Hardcore, Gay and Fetish.

You get paid 40 cents per email submitted to each of these categories.
Up to $1,20 US per email are possible with 3 submissions.

This is the HIGHEST payout for adult-emails WEB-WIDE !!!
We pay twice a month, clockwerk-style.

Here are the facts again:

- Up to $1.20 US per Email
- Bi-Weekly payment
- 3 Types of Content
- Real-Time Stats for your account

If you have questions, feel free to contact us right away.
We hope to welcome you soon as our customer.


SellYourMails Staff

If you want to remove your email from our mailinglist, please reply to this
and put the address that you want to remove in the subject line.