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[FYI] MS testers shout 'Linux!' over Whistler copy protection


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MS testers shout 'Linux!' over Whistler copy protection  

By: John Lettice  

Posted: 05/02/2001 at 15:34 GMT  


Curiously, the final FAQ in one of the Microsoft documents isn't a Q 
that you'd think was being that F Aed right now: Has Product 
Activation got anything to do with Microsoft.NET?  

Here's the answer, which we think boils down to Yes, and some: "Anti-
piracy technologies, such as Microsoft Product Activation, balance 
both the needs of consumers in acquiring the content they want, and 
the rights of content owners to protect the distribution of their 
works. In a .NET environment, where digital content and services are 
accessed on a variety of devices that communicate with each other, 
the protection of digital content must accompany the facilitation of 
Internet services. Such a seamless interaction is at the heart of the 
Microsoft .NET intellectual property protection vision."  

Note that what Microsoft is talking about here is not protection of 
its own application and operating software IP, as is the case with 
Product Activation, but of digital content in general. We foresee the 
return of the tollgate vision, and await Microsoft's next stabs at 
its construction with interest.   

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