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Aluminum parts are stronger and cheaper than steel !

What can KINETIC DIE CASTING  offer you? 

Here's just a sample....

Kinetic Die Casting, Inc. makes a cam lever part for a lift manufacturer that once was a welded unit. 

This unit consisted of two steel plates, 1/8" thick, with holes drilled and tapped and welded to steel spacers with a bushing at each end, the unit was then painted. Occasionally these units would fail in the field. 
Manufacturing costs ran about $7.00 per part in quantities. 

KDC now produces these parts in aluminum that weigh only .75 pounds, the steel unit weighed over two pounds. 
The aluminum parts are stronger(3x greater axial load) and more reliable. There is no need for paint on the aluminum die cast parts. 
The KDC part price of each unit is less than $3.00 

KDC can help you develop an aluminum casting that will reduce weight, increase strength and cost you less money.

Die casting is a process where aluminum or zinc is injected into a steel die under considerable pressure to make many kinds of parts such as auto parts, handles, appliance parts, speaker frames, airplane parts, hand tools, heat sinks, electrical housings, covers and consumer products.

For a quotation on an existing die casting or metal part of another process, contact us or just send the part for a quote. 

Kinetic Die Casting, Inc 
6918 Beck Avenue
North Hollywood, CA. 91605
(818) 982-9200 or (800) 524-8083 or fax (818)982-0877


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