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[FYI] In Defense of Copyleft

[Paul Lambert hat recht.                                  --AHH]


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In Defense of Copyleft  

by Karlin Lillington  

8:35 a.m. Feb. 7, 2001 PST  

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Software that is placed under "copyleft" -- as 
opposed to copyright -- may be in a legal limbo and is still reliant 
on the concept of copyright, an Irish legal expert says.  

But during a legal seminar Tuesday in Dublin on "Copyleft and Open 
Source Software: History, Applications and Legal Issues," Free 
Software Foundation founder and principle GNU developer Richard 
Stallman argued that the concept of copyright is inappropriate to the 
digital age and restricts freedom and innovation.  


However, Paul Lambert, a lawyer with LK Shields Solicitors in Dublin, 
argued that even with copyleft "as a fundamental concept, copyright 
remains, because copyleft can't work without copyright."  


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