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Re: [FYI] (Fwd) FC: Anti-porn group's take on ISP Usenet prosecution in

In schulung.lists.fitug-debate you write:
>Here is the press release from the New York Attorney General's office
>about the guilty plea taken from an ISP that was subscribing to and
>giving access to a notorious child porn newsgroup on the Usenet.  This
>criminal indictment by the State of New York was for child porn on one
>of the alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.preteen groups.  This is one of
>many well-known and often complained-of sites where pedophiles and the
>public have been posting and retrieving child porn pictures for
>several years. Many ISPs still carry this one and several others of
>these and almost all ISPs carried them for some time (since most ISPs
>subscribe to all the available newsgroups, including the entire alt.
>hierarchy) and the Usenet continues to host and distribute hundreds of
>hard-core porn and child sex newsgroups.

Der betreffende Staatsanwalt haette auch einfach eine Cancel- oder
Rmgroup-Control-Message generieren koennen. Das haette nicht nur bei einem
ISP etwas bewirkt, sondern weltweit...