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Interested in selling to Lawyers all over the world ?

Hello Law Software Pro,

Interested in selling to Lawyers all over the world ?
Interested in increasing  your client list ?
Do you find traditional advertising too expensive ?
Looking for something that can get your message out by the next day ?
Looking to make contact with 100's of prospects every day ? 


Hi! My name is Mike Durkee, and I'm with MarketBuild Technologies. My 
company offers inexpensive Electronic Marketing solutions to companies
such as yourself. Simple and inexpensive e-Marketing solutions are now available.

If you would like to discuss some of these solutions  - call  me today 
@ 410-308-3494, or email me at mdurkee@erols.com, and I'll  contact you.

Best Regards,

Mike Durkee
MarketBuild Technologies 

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