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bmm) eBook Authors Needed on all subjects-50% royalty pmts


FGR Publications - The Desktop Observer

You Inquired about becoming Book, Software, Product Reviewer

Increase your GPA in one semester or receive a 100% refund!

The CramCompanion Accelerated Learning systems will allow you to learn a greater amount of study material in a shorter period of time. It is great for the active student who never seems to have enough time to effectively study for tests. Parent's of middle and high school students love the CramCompanion software because they can check daily on how much material their child has entered into the CramCompanion for the chapters they are covering in class. By taking 10-20 minutes to enter the subject material covered in class it literally forces the student to learn.


You can request any book, software program or consumer product and keep them after you post a brief review. Visit our web site below to learn how to sign up as a reviewer for Focus Group Reviews.

WE NEED Ebook authors - We pay 50% royalties.

We need authors to write e-books to be published to include our CramCompanion software. These non-fiction e-books can range from Building a Koi Pond to Plant Physiology

Your e-book and our CramCompanion accelerated Learning software will provide the reader with an accelerated learning system which will allow them to truly learn the subject matter of your e-book in shorter period of time. Each e-book will be bundled with our CramCompanion accelerated learning software and a 45 page accelerated learning techniques manual as well as the associated accelerated learning mp3 files.

Visit the web site below and scroll down to the "We need ebook authors" section.

Here is the web site.

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