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NEW Webmaster-Referal-Program for Exit-Traffic

Dear Webmaster,

Sellyourexit.com has finally opened the new WEBMASTER-REFERAL-PROGRAM
for our customers. Adult-Webmasters that signup with your referal-code
fill up your own account with every hit they send to us.

Here is an example:

If you send us some webmasters that generate 50,000 exits total per day,
your own account grows every single day by $25. That is $750 per month.
If they send more traffic, you make more cash.

Here is what we offer for all webmasters that join Sellyourexit.com:

- $4,50 US per 1000 RAW Exits
- Weekly payment
- Realtime Stats
- Referal Program

How to start:
- You signup for your own account at http://www.Sellyourexit.com
- You receive a URL to our website that holds your referal-code.
- You get statistics for all traffic that your webmasters send to us.
- Link to us from your webmaster-sections, send people directly or
  contact us if you have a lot of webmaster traffic to work out a
  custom plan with us.

Questions ? Send us an email to jan@sellyourexit.com and we
will help you to get everything started.


Your Sellyourexit-Team

If you want to remove your email from our mailinglist, 
please go to http://www.sellyourexit.com/remove.html.