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[FYI] The Truest Test of Loyalty

Hallo debate,

 nette Kommentar bei Webnoize, zumindest die genannten Zahlen waren
 mir in dieser Form neu:


Today's OPINE                                http://www.webnoize.com

 o The Truest Test of Loyalty
Napster began blocking a limited number of song titles on Sunday in
advance of today's injunction. So far file filtering has had an
insignificant effect on the free trading of music files on the system.

That situation is about to change. Napster will have to step up its
file filtering to comply fully with Judge Patel's injunction. And this
will be a daunting task.

Numbers released by Webnoize research today show that song trading
among Napster users is more active than ever. Napster users are
downloading like there's no tomorrow. For the month of February there
were 2.79 billion downloads, an average of about 100 million downloads
per day -- two weekends ago there were nearly 250 million downloads in
anticipation of Napster's shutdown.

If Napster's commercial version experiences a fraction of these kinds
of downloads, it will be the most successful commercial online venture
ever. But the reality is, when the free files stop flying, the users
will start fleeing. And Napster will be faced with having to lure
downloaders back from untouchable, underground song-swap sites around
the Web.

Without the free stuff available today, there will be little fan
loyalty tomorrow.


Best regards,
 Joerg-Olaf                          mailto:js@fx3.de