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[FYI] FR: Leaked MS memo whips up anti-piracy 'national cause'


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Leaked MS memo whips up anti-piracy 'national cause'  

By: Thomas C Greene in Washington  

Posted: 08/03/2001 at 17:09 GMT  

Microsoft France is plotting to manipulate "public authorities and 
large institutional actors" to make piracy enforcement, implementing 
copy protection and product activation technology, and the fight 
against hacking a "national cause" in France, according to a leaked 
internal memo obtained by The Register.  

The memo, from Euro-MS exec and anti-piracy specialist Guillaume 
Tostain to MS's European anti-piracy group and several company 
individuals dated 5 March, urges that "Microsoft, alone or jointly 
with [trade] associations, must approach public authorities to 
persuade them to support our efforts, which should culminate in a 
governmental television campaign this Autumn."  


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