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[FYI] Reg readers on keeping the open PC alive


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Reg readers on keeping the open PC alive  

By: Andrew Orlowski in San Francisco  

Posted: 20/03/2001 at 13:36 GMT  

Hale Landis' posting predicting the end of the PC as an open hardware 
platform has drawn some strong reactions from Register readers. Many 
of you are alarmed, and many more optimistic. Several of you 
interpreted it as an extension of Intel's control over the PC 
standard: but we don't think that's what Landis meant. Quite the 
opposite, in fact. Let's get to that in a moment.  

Crypto expert Bruce Schneier agrees with Landis. Schneier has been 
writing about closed or controlled systems - what he calls "trusted 
clients" - for some time. These are computers trusted by the data 
owner, not the user of course, and implicit is that the data owner 
isn't you.  


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