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Fwd: EU says 'oui' to spam

[ nach Pointer von /ol auf internetz@ ]

in dem Zusammenhang steht auch unser bislang unbeantworteter
offener Brief an einen oesterr. MdEP, der fuer opt-out eingetritt.

-> http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/6/22418.html


EU says 'oui' to spam

By Tim Richardson
Posted: 23/10/2001 at 12:53 GMT

Euro politicians gave the thumbs up to spam last night by passing an
amendment that will force Net users to register if they don't want to
receive unsolicited commercial email.

Anti-spam campaigners had hoped that the Committee on Citizens' Freedoms
and Rights, Justice and Home Affairs would approve an "opt-in" method,
which would mean that punters would receive commercial email only if they
requested it first.
Instead, they went for spam-friendly "opt-out".

One insider described the report - which also includes a ruling on text
messaging - as a "dog's breakfast".

In fact, it's so bad, there are already doubts as to whether this will make
it onto the statute book intact. Ho hum.