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[FYI] Net security in an open electronic society


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Net security in an open electronic society  

By Elias Levy  

Posted: 23/10/2001 at 02:00 GMT  

A recurring argument in the computer security world is that clamping 
down on the dissemination of information about vulnerabilities, and 
tools that exploit them, will mitigate everyone's risk. Last week, 
one proponent of this argument, Scott Culp, manager of Microsoft's 
security response center, coined the term "information anarchy" to 
describe the current situation, comparing it with yelling "fire" in a 
crowded movie house.  

It appears Culp is more comfortable with an "information 
dictatorship" or "information oligarchy" model, and has entirely 
missed the fact that the movie house is on fire.  


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