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[FYI] (Fwd) FC: Virus news site editor reports late-night visit by F

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   Virus villains
   While the world worries over the threat of viruses being spread by
   terrorists, strange things seem to be happening in the less real
   world of computer viruses.

   Rob Rosenberger, editor of the V-Myths website and a critic of fire
   engine-chasing anti-virus companies, claims he was treated to an
   early morning visit by the FBI last weekend. He says he was forced
   to pull a column he was planning to run that would have caused
   embarrassment to one of the anti-virus vendors. Many have been
   quick to jump on the back of post-September 11 security fears to
   sell their services.

   The V-Myths website is now running the story - well, part of the
   story, along with some heavy hints - at

Apparently Rob once had -- or has -- a security clearance and signed
the appropriate nondisclosure agreeement, which is now being used
against him: http://www.fas.org/sgp/isoo/sf312.html


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