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[FYI] (Fwd) RIAA Secret Meeting

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Anonymous reports on a secret meeting of RIAA:



"On Thursday October 4 there was a closed-door RIAA meeting at the
Ritz-Carlton, which was 'a direction setting' meeting. The individuals
of note attending were:

  Hillary Rosen - RIAA Chief
  Steve Heckler - Sony Music
  Strauss Zelnick - BMG
  Edgar Bronfman - Universal
  Gerald Levin - AOL Time-Warner
  Ken Berry - EMI
  Leonardo Chiariaglione - SDMI Chair (Leaving Soon)
  Francis Jones - Codex Data Systems
  Fritz Hollings - Senator
  Ted Stevens - Senator
  Michael Eisner - Disney CEO
  Jack Valenti - President, MPAA
  Andy Grove - Intel CEO
  Lou Gerstner - IBM
  Yoishi Morishita - CEO Matsushita
  Tsutomo Kawata - CEO Toshiba
  Jay Berman - IFPI Chair
  Paul England - Microsoft Advanced Cryptography research group

One particularly disturbing fact is that Codex Data System's DIRT
software is supposed to be restricted to law enforcement agencies, yet
the RIAA, MPAA, and IFPI have all purchased it, and use it routinely
to monitor servers which are suspected of infringing content, yet are
password protected such as servers which require one to sign up for a
password account like hotline servers that have no guest download."

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