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[FYI] EU Parliament to re-examine e-mail spam plans

Aus dem DMMV Newsletter und Mal ausnahmsweise nicht von Axel :-)

The European Parliament negotiated over a pan-European ban on unsolicited
e-mail known as "spam". The issue was send back to a committee for another
negotiation. The proposals call for the adoption across Europe of the
"opt-in" system, where online marketing firms may send commercial e-mails
only if customers have explicitly asked them to do so. 
The Parliament rejected the legislation proposal, with an unusually large
number of legislators abstaining. Many parliamentarians argued, the issue
needed to be discussed a lot more. The ban is supported by consumers'
associations, which want to eradicate spam. But direct marketeers say the
proposal will do nothing to protect Internet users from the work of
unidentifiable individuals whose spamming is already prohibited by law. 

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