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Re: [FYI] Microsoft schließt Opera und Mozilla

[Quoting corrected, content translated to readable ASCII - lutz]

* Automated answer from webmaster@msn.com:
>* Lutz Donnerhacke wrote to webmaster@msn.com:
>>According to this webside and willing to upgrade my current browser 
>>OmniWeb 2.0 I visitied the download pages and found no version for
>>my operating system NEXTSTEP 3.3 running on a NeXTstation mono.
>>Please provide me a way to visit you websites. Thank you.
>For help with MSN.com, MSN Search or any other MSN property not mentioned
>above, go to http://www.msn.com, then click "Help" on the upper right-hand
>part of your screen. This is an unmonitored e-mail address so please be
>sure to go to one of the links above.
You are kidding?
  I can't see a help button, because you do not allow this!

So please provide my a free download source of MSIE for NEXTSTEP.
Thank you.

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