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[FYI] (Fwd) EU vice-president to claim US site spies on European business

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EU vice-president to claim US site spies on European business

VICE-PRESIDENT of the European Parliament, Gerhardt Schmid, is
expected to argue that the Echelon system used at the United States
base at Menwith Hill, near Harrogate, is used for industrial espionage
when he speaks in the town next week.

Dr Schmid compiled the European Parliament's report on Echelon, which
is believed to intercept millions of telephone calls, faxes, e-mails
and other electronic communications and pass confidential information
to the US National Security Agency.

The German Socialist Euro MP has accepted an invitation from the
Menwith Hill Forum ­ which monitors activities at the 560-acre
intelligence site ­ to speak at the Friends Meeting House in Queen
Parade, Harrogate, on Thursday at 7.30pm.

The signals intelligence station already has a key role in Echelon,
but its importance will grow when hundreds of staff are transferred to
Menwith Hill from Bad Abling ­ the National Security Agency's third
largest monitoring station, which is in the Bavarian Alps.

Although the US Government has denied the existence of Echelon, it is
known to be shared with Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Britain. UK
Government sources justify it as a means of gathering information on
terrorist organisations and international drug cartels.

But Dr Schmid is expected to argue that Echelon is also used by the
United States Government to gather sensitive economic data from
European countries, which is allegedly being passed on to benefit
industrial rivals across the Atlantic. One example is said to be a
£1bn contract lost by Airbus Industrie to Boeing and McDonnel Douglas.

Dr Schmid, who will tell the Forum that the uncontrolled use of
Echelon is potentially detrimental to European economies and puts at
risk thousands of jobs, will also explain what the European Parliament
is doing to try to protect citizens' rights.

The Forum's chairman, John Eveleigh said: "This public meeting
continues our aim to inform local people of the activities and genuine
concerns we have around the Menwith Hill surveillance station. I urge
anyone interested in finding out more about Echelon to attend." 

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