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[FYI] Nine-Eleven als Vorwand: Das Ende des Datenschutzes


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Monday, 8 April, 2002, 07:51 GMT 08:51 UK  

Clinton backs tech war  

on terror Clinton: Use of technology for defensive purposes Bill 
Clinton has been outlining how technology can play a key role in 
defeating the new brand of terrorism.  

The former US president said that information management systems 
similar to those used by the big mass mailing companies could provide 
an early warning about suspicious behaviour.  


But the problem was that the data were spread over different bodies 
and different computer systems.  

"A piece of data in isolation may mean absolutely nothing, but put 
together with other fragments of data, it may suddenly paint a 
picture," explained Dr Ruth.  

"But if different individuals have the fragments and they never put 
them together, then we will never paint that picture.  

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