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(Fwd) FW: NAI's seeming replacement for PGP desktop

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Subject:        	FW: NAI's seeming replacement for PGP desktop

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Subject: FW: NAI's seeming replacement for PGP desktop
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Thread-Topic: NAI's seeming replacement for PGP desktop
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Subject: NAI's seeming replacement for PGP desktop


...named "McAfee E-Business Desktop".  Just had a talk with our local
sales rep.  From our talk, and from what I can see on the URL above,
this appears to be (or at least incorporate) portions of PGP desktop,
with some restrictions:

- Purchaser must already have at least one E-Business Server license
(PGP Server in conjunction with some other crypto), at $2000 per
license - The product appears to require interaction with the server
in order to function -- no more standalone crypto?

Unknown are:

- whether there is a commandline interface, or if the app is
scriptable - whether there is compatibility with existing PGP keyrings
- key management -- is there a central repository, and how is it
managed? - does crypto occur only on the server, or on the desktop? 
If the former, some interesting security issues

Still awaiting word on:

- whether NAI will still sell us licenses to make more copies of 6.5.8
(so far, answer is "doubtful")

Q.  Why not use 6.5.8 freeware (for which there is source?)
A.  If used commercially, a license must be purchased from NAI -- same
as for commercial 6.5.8

Q.  What about gnupg?
A.  Possibility -- some key compatibility issues exist that may or may
not affect us.  Someone would need to build and own the code.

More info as it comes in...

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