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[FYI] (Fwd) FC: New sites protest march of European copyright directives

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Subject:        	FC: New sites protest march of European copyright directive
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See also, launched yesterday (in German):
>EU member states must amend their copyright laws this year. All in
>all, we are facing the equivalent to the US Digital Millenium
>Copyright Act.
>Today we started an initiative on the net to rescue the right to make
>private copies  (european version of fair use): www.privatkopie.net
>During the first 3 hours we had 6000 visitors and 70.000 hits. 3895
>people sent an email to the German chancellor. Since 4pm we get
>timeouts. The chancellor's mailbox seems to be full or regards our
>interest as a DOS attack.



Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 16:30:09 +0200 (CEST)
From: Alexandre Dulaunoy <alexandre.dulaunoy@ael.be>
X-X-Sender: ael@perycles.unix.be.EU.org
To: declan@well.com
Subject: EUCD action : Status for European Countries

Dear All,

As you known, the EUCD (2001/29/CE) is a real threat for the four
freedoms of Free Software and for Freedom in general.

So we (at ael)  think the best way is to have a coherent action
regarding and a coherent source of information (with cross-references)
around the application of the EUCD in the different european

So we have setup a small wiki page with status :


So EVERYBODY can edit it and add his specific information about his
respective country.

Thanks a lot.


Alexandre Dulaunoy              http://www.foo.be/
AD993-RIPE                      http://www.ael.be/
"People who fight may lose.  People who do not fight have already
   - Bertolt Brecht

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