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[fwd] Fwd: doing outreach for the icannatlarge.com elections

From: Vittorio Bertola <vb@vitaminic.net>

>Dear all,
>icannatlarge.com is an independent, bottom-up effort to self-organize
>and represent the public in ICANN-related matters. It currently has
>855 members from 77 countries. You can read more about us in our
>website or by browsing the archives of atlarge-discuss, our main
>discussion list, at http://www.fitug.de/atlarge-discuss/ .
>Now, as the term for the current icannatlarge.com panel approaches, we
>have started a new global election for the next panel. As the
>organization aims to supply for the lack of a proper At Large
>Membership in ICANN, we really want this election to have good
>participation and candidates from all geographical areas.
>So, if you're interested in participating, this is what you can do:
>- if you're not an icannatlarge.com member yet, go to
>http://www.icannatlarge.com/register.php and register; all members
>registering before *MONDAY, JULY 22* (GMT) will be allowed to vote;
>- suggest your own nominations (or even propose yourself as a
>candidate) by posting to the atlarge-discuss mailing list or to the
>"Second Elections" forum on the icannatlarge.com website by July 22;
>all nominees that accept the nomination by July 23 at midday GMT will
>be included in the ballot.
>We recommend you to subscribe to the atlarge-discuss list as most of
>the campaign will take place there; also, candidate information pages
>will possibly be set up on the website.
>As you know, the representation of public in ICANN is still under
>heavy discussion, and much still must be done to defend it. This is
>why I think that these elections deserve all your attention. Also,
>please feel free to forward this message to any relevant list or
>person (no spamming please).
>Vittorio Bertola
>Current icannatlarge.com Chairman

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