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The Provisional Regulations for the Administration of InternetPublishing

>                        I N T E R N E T    P U B L I S H I N G
>C0212003  The Provisional Regulations for the Administration of Internet
>Publishing were promulgated by the State Press and Publications
>Administration and the Ministry of the Information Industry on June 27,
>2002 and will come into force on August 1, 2002.
>"Internet publishing" is defined to mean the online transmission acts by
>Internet information service providers of posting on the Internet, or
>sending to user terminals through the Internet, after selection and editing,
>works created by themselves or others for browsing, reading, use or
>downloading by the public.
>Approval must be obtained for the conduct of Internet publishing activities.
>When applying to engage in the Internet publishing business, applicants
>first apply to the local press and publications authorities. After
>examination and consent by such authorities, application must be made
>to the State Press and Publications Administration for examination and
>approval.  After approval, the principal operator must carry out the
>relevant procedures with the local telecommunications authorities.
>If Internet publishing content is not true or fair and causes infringement
>of the lawful interests of citizens, legal persons or other organizations,
>the Internet publishing organization must make public corrections and
>eliminate the effects. It must also bear civil liability in accordance with
>the law.
>The Regulations also contain provisions on prohibited content.

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