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[FYI] (Fwd) FC: RIAA escalates attack on music piracy, wants "broadcast flag"

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   RIAA talks tough on Web radio copying
   By Declan McCullagh 
   July 17, 2002, 4:50 PM PT

   WASHINGTON--The Recording Industry Association of America said
   Wednesday that it has begun pressing for anti-copying technology in
   future digital radio standards.

   Mitch Glazier, the association's top lobbyist, said the RIAA is
   contacting IT and consumer electronics groups to ask them to
   consider a "broadcast flag" for digital music sent through the
   Internet, satellite or cable.


   The idea is straightforward: Future hardware and software would
   treat music differently if it were designated as broadcast-only,
   preventing users from saving it or uploading it. Currently programs
   like StreamRipper or StreamCatcher can record streaming music
   distributed through Webcasting.

   But because people might not use these new kinds of music receivers
   if given a choice, new federal laws likely would be necessary to
   compel software and hardware manufacturers to abide by the
   broadcast-only designation.


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