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Dear Sir,

I humbly wish to seek your assistance in a matter that
is very important and needs utmost trust and
confidence.  I am DR.  SANI  KENNETH  a business
consultant and a close confidant of one of Nigeria's
most powerful family.  The wife of a former top
government official and an oil royalist who served in
the past Military Regime in Nigeria (whose husband is
now late) wishes to move out of Nigeria the sum of
US$32.8million (thirty-two million eight hundred
thousand dollars) she wishes to invest the
aforementioned sum in a viable business overseas.

For obvious reasons, my client does not wish to place
this fund with established financial institution in
the family's name for security reasons.

She has therefore empowered and instructed me to look
for a reliable foreigner who can arrange and receive
this money in his account overseas and assist to
invest the fund properly for the family.

If you accept to assist in this transaction for my
client and her family I shall release the sum of
US$32.8 million to you if you meet my requirements and
upon a favourable response from you, I shall let you
know how you will receive the fund.

After the transaction, your commission shall be down
payment of 20% of the total sum, 5% will take care of
all expense incurred during the transaction.

Reach me immediately through the above email address
if the offer pleases you and do not fail
to give me your private telephone and facsimile
numbers for easy contacts.

Best regards


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