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[FYI] (Fwd) [GILC-plan] Hong Kong plans cybercafe restrictions

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Subject:        	[GILC-plan] Hong Kong plans cybercafe restrictions

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Children aged under 16 would have to be accompanied by adults to enter
cyber-cafes late at night under government proposals to regulate the
industry. ...

Cyber-cafe operators would also be required to install devices to
screen violent, pornographic or gambling Web sites. 

Failure to comply with the conditions could lead to forced closure. 

Most legislators at the meeting supported the proposal. ...

Ip Kwok-him, of the Democratic Alliance for Betterment of Hong Kong,
and the Frontier's Cyd Ho Sau-lan urged strict monitoring of content. 

"The cafes should be required to have Internet filters, so children
would not be able to play violent computer games such as cop-killing
or car burning," Ms Ho said. 

Deputy Secretary for Home Affairs Ng Sek-hon said the government would
consult community and youth groups before tabling the legislative
amendments to Legco next Spring. 

He said authorities would improve inspections before the new
regulations were implemented. ...

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