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[FYI] Business Software Alliance (BSA) released a cyberterror FUD bomb


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Big software pushes hard for national Gestapo  

By Thomas C Greene in Washington  

Posted: 25/07/2002 at 15:49 GMT  

I was puzzled last month when industry lobby the Business Software 
Alliance (BSA) released a cyberterror FUD bomb. Or, rather, a FUD dud 
-- a laughably meaningless survey of the opinions of so-called "IT 
pros" all laboring under the delusion that a deadly national 
catastrophe by electronic means is just around the corner.  

Was that a one-off lapse in judgment, I wondered. A quick and dirty 
publicity stunt? Why would the BSA suddenly become concerned with 
cyberterror? Are they developing some software-based national-defense 
panacea? I found it puzzling enough to solicit readers for insight 
and theory. I thank everyone who contributed their ideas, but I must 
say that even with their help I couldn't quite add it all up.  

But now the BSA is at it again, repeating its bizarre performance, 
and it's all suddenly making sense.  


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