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You can help reverse the UCITA today  

By Tina Gasperson, Newsforge.com  

Posted: 25/07/2002 at 16:50 GMT  

A group of lawyers committed to keeping uniformity in state laws is 
having its annual meeting beginning this week, and the Open Source 
community wants to deliver this message to them: UCITA will kill Open 
Source. And they really need your help.   

Carol Kunze, on behalf of Red Hat, has posted an open letter to the 
National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (or 
NCCUSL), asking that group to reverse the 1999 decision to adopt the 
Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA). The NCCUSL is 
gathering in Tucson, Arizona, from July 26 to August 2 to take care 
of standard committee business, consider amendments to several 
uniform acts, and be entertained. Red Hat is hoping that the 
commission will take time to consider its request to reverse UCITA, 
even though there's nothing on the official agenda about the act 
that, among other things, "provides a comprehensive set of rules for 
licensing computer information."   

Red Hat is objecting to UCITA because, it says, UCITA was crafted for 
the proprietary software industry. And Open Source "has created its 
own set of practices and norms that differ widely from the commercial 
rules that UCITA adopts as the standard. UCITA does not reflect the 
Open Source community's development model, its distribution model, 
its license terms, nor its general expectations."   


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