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[FYI] (Fwd) Digital Rights Backdoor US Stylee

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>From E Commerce Law Week ,Snippet :

"Will Digital Rights Management Slip Into Law Through the Back Door? A
little-noticed anticounterfeiting bill has suddenly blossomed into a
potentially sweeping digital rights management tool.  The bill, S.
2395, originally tinkered with existing statutory provisions that
outlaw counterfeiting of the tokens, including holograms, that are
used by software producers to guarantee the authenticity of CDs
containing valuable programs.  The original version of S. 2395 simply
updated existing law to include other authentication features.  But in
markup on July 18, the Senate Judiciary committee greatly expanded the
bill.  It now covers movies, music, and other consumer products; it
allows content owners to bring private suits against violators and to
collect up to $25,000 in automatic damages for each violation; and it
expands the scope of the law to cover not just tokens but also digital
features used by content owners to make sure that copies are not
infringing in any way the intellectual property rights of the owners. 

Amendment in the nature of a substitute to S. 2395, the
"Anticounterfeiting Amendments of 2002" "

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