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(Fwd) FC: Anti-spam service charges to send mail to its users

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   Spam blocker charges for e-mail
   By Declan McCullagh
   February 19, 2003, 1:34 PM PT

   An Australian entrepreneur has created what may be the first
   antispam service that lets its users charge for the privilege of
   sending them e-mail.

   The concept has been discussed in technology circles for the better
   part of a decade, but Sydney resident Bernard Palmer, 59, has
   decided to try to turn the concept into a business. "Spammers
   aren't going to be sending many spams to you if you charge them 50
   cents," Palmer said. "A spam would cost them $2 million."

   Palmer's service, which he plans to announce on Thursday, is called
   CashRamSpam.com. After people pay $36 with a credit card to sign up
   for a CashRamSpam account, users may set their contact fee to be
   anywhere from a few pennies to as high as they think anyone would
   be willing to pay.


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