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(Fwd) FC: Study shows problems of blocking sites by IP address

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Ben's report:



    Net blocking threatens legitimate sites
    By Declan McCullagh
    February 19, 2003, 5:36 PM PT

    Government efforts to block offensive Web sites are technically
    problematic and legally worrisome, a new study says.

    The study from Harvard University's Berkman Center highlights how
    modern Web standards have permitted thousands of domain names to
    share one Internet address. It concludes that instead of precisely
    targeting only objectionable sites, attempts to restrict Internet
    addresses with pornographic, political or gambling-related content
    inevitably make legitimate sites unreachable too.

    "The numbers are staggeringly high," said Ben Edelman, a student
    fellow at the Berkman Center and author of the report. "According
    to my results, two-thirds of sites are hosted on Web servers with
    50 or more domain names."


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