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Re: [FWD] Subject: suendenfall - jap und das ende der anonymitaet

At 02:08 18.08.03 +0200, Joerg-Olaf Schaefers wrote:

>Mag das bitte mal einer der Crypto-Experten kommentieren?
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aus dem "Open Discussion" Forum bei sourceforge:

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By: sk13 ( Stefan Köpsell ) 
RE: JAP COMPROMISED !, privacy community panics   
2003-08-07 06:25 

Hm yes maybe we should more explain that exactly this update does.
In short it gives you some hopefully more correct code and some security
enhancements in the protocol which are incompatible with previous versions.
So if you wnat to use our "new" mixes than you have to update the software.
Anonymity means that a group of people acts undistinguishable, that means
we have to use the same protocol.
Copied from an answer to an other JAP user:

First of all we are impressed people really investigate our source code. 
So far no bug found in the source code has been reported to us.

But what you describe is no bug. We are an interdisciplinary research
group. And the lawyers amoung us find it quite interesting to do research
about the amount of crimes carried out with JAP. And it's our goal to give
the software the technical feature to track specific kind of crimes if and
only if it is legally necessary. But I can promise you we do and plan no
interception of all users. Interception will only be executed in justified
individual cases ex post after warrant.

As you might have seen the function in the source code you cited has to be 
compiled in the executable program as additional feature.



By: sk13 ( Stefan Köpsell ) 
RE: Not Java...   
2003-08-07 06:50 

No --- the original posting was not a hoax. The code mentioned could be
found in the C++ sources of the Mix-software and in fact has something
todo with crime prevention/detection.


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