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Re: [FWD] Subject: suendenfall - jap und das ende der anonymitaet

Hallo Peter,

On Mon, 18 Aug 2003 03:16:46 +0200 you wrote:

wenn das so stimmt...

> First of all we are impressed people really investigate our source
> code. 

Na toll, holen wir die Festtagstorte raus :|

> But what you describe is no bug. We are an interdisciplinary research
> group. And the lawyers amoung us find it quite interesting to do
> research about the amount of crimes carried out with JAP. And it's our
> goal to give the software the technical feature to track specific kind
> of crimes if and only if it is legally necessary. But I can promise
> you we do and plan no interception of all users. Interception will
> only be executed in justified individual cases ex post after warrant.

> No --- the original posting was not a hoax. The code mentioned could
> be found in the C++ sources of the Mix-software and in fact has
> something todo with crime prevention/detection.

Auf alle Fälle wäre es eine Schweinerei, das auf der JAP Page *0*
Informationen zu diesem Sachverhalt stehen.


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