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Hi, mal den UB Netscape testen........
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                      Digital signatures and encryption


Policy Documents

   *  IAB and IESG statement on cryptographic technology and the Internet=


   * Cryptographie : les enjeux et l'=E9tat de la l=E9gislation fran=E7ai=
     Val=E9rie S=E9dallian

   * Out of Secrecy - a recent chronology of the realm of cryptography Ga=

Technical explanations - including commercial sites

   *  Controlling and Securing Personal Privacy and Anonymity in the
     Information Society Esa Eklund

   * Digital Signatures and Smart Cards
     Digicash - delivered at the 3rd International Smart Card Conference,=

     "Free Trade, Free Card Markets?", Amsterdam, March 1996

   * Internet Security Netscape

Links to other sites

   * Encryption Policy Resource Page
   *  RSA's Frequently Asked Questions About Today's Cryptography
   *  Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Security and Encryption

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