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Bitte Korrekturlesen

   Private translation of Lutz.Donnerhacke@Jena.Thur.De using my own ugly
                                PUBLIC OPINION
                                 of FITUG e.V.
                             in the Usenet [1]News
                  about the German sperre of nongerman sites
   The Internet was made to ensure data transport even over lossy
   connections. The concept is so successful, that the Internet is grown
   to the major worldwide computer network. So the Internet interprets
   cenorship as a technical bug and routes around it.
   In spring 1996 the [2]electronic commerce forum e.V. (ECO) founded the
   [3]Internet Content Task Force (ICTF). Whose [4]press release prove,
   that the this organization will remove illegal (from the point of
   ICTF) information from the net, as soon as the ICTF is informed about
   by anybody. The reason they claim for this behavior is the unstable
   juristic situation of data transport in Germany. The idea to remove
   content is an ineligible try to prevent investigations against a
   internet service providers by uninsisted obedience. ICTF tries to stop
   impracticable law restrictions of data transport by selfcencoring the
   The German main prosecutor (BAW) got the factual wrong message of ECO,
   it would be possible to limit the distribution of illegal information
   in the Internet. He drop a [5]fax notice to ECO pointing to
   [6]contents on a Dutch [7]server. The BAW started an investigation
   against the authors of this pages some weeks ago. With an implicit
   cross reference to the press release of ECO the BAW notice, that
   allowing further access to those pages could be interpreted as
   abetment to a punishable act.
   ECO [8]replied, that an effective blocking will be impossible due to
   technical reasons. Unfortunly this argumentation came too late.
   Furthermore this is answer contradicts the former [9]press release of
   On the other hand ECO sent a [10]notice to its members, sugessting to
   stop unlimited transport of data. Some of them followed this advice
   and blocked access to the [11]server. This covers about 3500 other
   [12]content providers and services, too. A few of those providers also
   blocked other pages on other servers even if they only point to the
   Dutch sources. This included [13]Compuserve with several millions of
   users. Companies depending on international connectivity are heavily
   hurt by this sperre.
   The user of the Internet [14]mirrored the contents to other servers,
   which are still accessable. The Dutch provider rotates the numerical
   address of his server randomly, resulting in effectless address
   blocking. If someone tries to block all mirrors and addresses, Germany
   would kick itself from the Internet.
   In the meantime German ISPs made much better blocking systems. But
   those are also effectless: I.e. read
   Germany is - thanks to uninsisted obedience and against any insight of
   technical impossibility - one of the leading cenorship countries and
   known worldwide to stay in a line with China and Sigapur. Germany as a
   central investment point of future technologies is politically and
   commercially endangered.
   [16]FITUG urges to stop all similar blocking systems and expects a
   press release from ECO containing, that the ICTF is stopped as an
   unsuccessful experiment. The German gouvernment is requested to clean
   up the legal positions.
   Further informations can be found at: [17]http://www.fitug.de/.


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