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Re: Bitte Korrekturlesen

At 15:23 26.09.96 +0200, Lutz wrote:
>   Private translation of Lutz.Donnerhacke@Jena.Thur.De using my own ugly
>   English.
>                                PUBLIC OPINION
>                                 of FITUG e.V.
>                             in the Usenet [1]News
>                  about the German sperre of nongerman sites
>   The German main prosecutor (BAW) got the factual wrong message of ECO,
>   it would be possible to limit the distribution of illegal information
>   in the Internet. He drop a [5]fax notice to ECO pointing to
>   [6]contents on a Dutch [7]server. The BAW started an investigation
>   against the authors of this pages some weeks ago. With an implicit
>   cross reference to the press release of ECO the BAW notice, that
>   allowing further access to those pages could be interpreted as
>   abettment to a punishable act.

and aid (weil auch Beihilfe drinwar, was andere schlimmere Moeglichkeiten 
eroeffnet, als 129a)
im uebrigen ist mein Englisch zu schlecht zur korrektur