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Der Spiegel Online on Nazis and censors (fwd)

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Subject: Der Spiegel Online on Nazis and censors
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Der Spiegel Online recently hosted both an article about modern-day 
Nazism and censorship, and an interview with myself and the Director of 
the Nizkor Project, Ken McVay.  It gives good historical background and 
thoughtfully discusses the issues.  They're available in English and 
German at:


   SPIEGEL Online: Do you share the willingness to grant freedom of
   speech even to the enemies of freedom?
   McVay: Yes, I do. What possible good comes, for instance, from
   forcing these Nazis underground? Will that make them stop hating?
   Has it ever stopped the hate?

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 jamie@voyager.net        Co-Webmaster of http://www.nizkor.org/